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Letter from the founders

2018 – what a year!

This is the year when Clothèque was created and we began our mission of connecting sustainable consumption and fashion by our renting model in a Scandinavian style.

We are creating a new fashion future, which is fun, exciting, and most importantly : sustainable.  

We want to thank so much our partners, who are making this all possible. We are convinced that our partnering brands are the true precursors of the sustainable fashion future.

Merci à Sandqvist, Busnel, Lumi, Katri Niskanen, Emma Simons, Aéryne and our most recent partner just in time for the New Year, Anna Ruohonen. The innovative thinking, belief in creating a sustainable fashion future and their beautiful collections that are available for rent at Clothèque has set the foundation for our company.

We created Clothèque because we identified a need that had to be addressed ; a need to change the way we consume fashion.
By renting you don’t  have to compromise the way how you dress and express yourself while being sustainable.

A look back at the year leaves us with great memories such as the successful launching evening during Paris Fashion Week, with Katri Niskanen and Emma Simons showcasing their collections.

We have met inspiring and incredible people engaged in a sustainable style and living, fantastic designers and creators and people passionate about the sustainable fashion revolution.

This year has been an incredible year and the official start for Clothèque. However, it is only the beginning. We are thrilled to welcome 2019 with open arms with all of its challenges and opportunities, with taking fashion and the sharing economy to new levels and expanding the Clothèque community.

Happy New Year!

 Erica & Oda


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