Who can rent

Everyone above 18 years old. Minors need their parents consent to rent.

What can I rent

Women’s clothing and accessories. You can rent everything that is displayed on our website or in our showroom and is marked as available.

Are the clothes clean when I get them

Professional cleaning and conditioning of all the items in our wardrobe is guaranteed.

We have very strict quality control measures – all of our clothes are either washed or dry cleaned, pampered and preened after every rental. However some signs of earlier use may occur.

Do I need to clean the items that I rent

No, dry cleanign is always on us, so you do never have to worry about that.

How does delivery and return work

If the client lives in Paris (75) she/her has the option of choosing a bike delivery to the address of her/his choice. The client chooses this option during checkout and the delivery will be made the same day if the order is placed before 15h. If  the order is placed after 15h the order will be delivered the following business day.

If the client lives outside of Paris (75) she/he gets delivered to a pick up point near to their home via Mondial Relay.

Why does it say Basic and Premium subscription in “My subscription” Page

This is because we offer you two versions of subscriptions, one classic which we in this case call basic which is equivalent to “The Essential”, where the client is  entitled to two items per month. The Premium subscription is referring to “The Exceptional” subscription, which entitles the client to 3 items per month.

What is the rental time-period

This depends : if you have a running subscription you can rent the pieces for as long as you wish. You can renew your rentals once a month.

If you opted for an occasional rental, you can keep the item for a week (7 days).

How can I extend the rental period

If it is a subscription you will have to renew your rentals on the site by clicking on the “renew my rentals” button in your account.

If you wish to renew a one-time rental, please send an email to info@clotheque.com and we will see what we can do for you!

What happens if i destroy or lose an item that I have rented

Normal use wear is expected, but for more severe cases we have partnerships with professional in clothes repairing and removing stains, and we will do everything we can to help in these situations.

– If it is a smaller damage that can be recovered we charge 25€ for the recovery.

– If the Item can not be recovered , we charge 50% of the retail value of the article.

If an item is stolen or lost during the rental period, the renter is fully responsible for compensating the loss with own insurance. The price of the item will be set to what it costs to buy a new item.

Can I change my my one-time rental to another outfit

If you want to change your booking, send an email to info@clotheque.com and we will help you.

Change fee: 10 €

What happens if I return something too late

We are relying on you to deliver the item back on time, since other customers may be waiting for the same outfit. If you for some reason are prevented from returning on time, please send us an email at info@clotheque.com

– Clothèque is charging a late fee of 15€ /day starting when an item is over 24h late. 

– If an item is more than 7 days late, Clothèque will deduct the full retail value of the article from the payment card that the client has saved as her payment method.

Is it possible to buy the clothes if I really like them

Selected items will be for sale, and we also arrange seasonal sales a few times a year. If you really fall for an item and want to keep it forever, send us an email at info@clotheque.com and we will see what we can do.


How do I return an item

See the Question "How does delivery and return work".

A prepaid return label is always included in the delivery. If you live in Paris (75) you have the option of scheduling a pick-up of your choice with a bike delivery. You will give us your availabilities and the address where Clothèque can come and pick up the items by emailing us at info@clotheque.com and we will schedule a pick-up.

- or to leave the package in any of the Relai Mondial pick up points with the return label on it.

If you live outside of Paris (75) you will return the items in a Mondia Relay pick up point of your choice with the return label on it.


What happens if the item doesn’t suit me

Tell us the same day. We can change it for you free of charge if you come to our HQ (send us a mail before so that we can assure you that someone will be there)

, or send you a delivery pick-up to Paris for a 20€ additional fee.  We do our best to always describe the items and the sizes as explicitly as possible so it would be as easy as possible for you to pick the right size.

You can return it within 24 hours at your own cost and we’ll re-credit the item on your account and you can pick something new.

Gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased and used at our website. 

The values of the giftcards are 25€ (= a one-time rental) , 49€ ( = a one month Essential Subscription)  and 79€ (a one month Exceptional Subscription) .

The gift cards is sent to the recepiant in a personal email together with an individual coupon/promotional code. The recepiant will have to enter this code in the checkout process under the "Do you have a Coupon" area, and the amount of the gift card will automatically be deducted from the total payable price.

All gift cards are valid 90 days after they have been purchased and are valid on the entire website if nothing else is indicated.