Sustainability is in the very DNA of Clothèque. The mission with our circular approach to fashion is to offer a fun, flexible, easy and sustainable way of consuming fashion.

Circular Fashion

The concept of circular fashion is based on the principles of circular economy and sustainable development and is taking into consideration many variables such as the entire life cycle of production ranging from design and sourcing to production, transportation, storage, marketing and sale as well as the end consumer and the lifecycle of the item.

Circular fashion could be defined as fashion that is intended to be used, to circulate responsibly in society and live for as long as possible to add value to several people.

This is where renting comes into the picture! By renting clothes, we allow the fashion items to have an increased lifecycle, to provide value for multiple people with a smaller harmful impact on the environment.

Instead of over consuming and filling the wardrobe with seasonal items that you will only wear for a certain amount of time then either forget about or throw away the renting models allows clothes to continue add value to people and society.

What is important to take into consideration is obviously the impact of overproduction , and by renting more we could eventually on the long term turn towards a decreased overproduction which is a huge problem of today.

Renting is also a very easy way of converting to a more sustainable lifestyle of fashion consumption with no compromise to your seasonal trend behavior.


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We at Clothèque take sustainability as a question to our hearts, and it is also one of the reasons why we started Clothèque.

It’s a fact that the fashion industry is today the world’s most 2nd polluting industry after the oil. The mass consumption obsession that experience today is not a sustainable way of consuming fashion – and we want to be able to offer you an alternative way of consuming fashion.

Did you know?


  • By renting  clothes we can save 2650 liters of water per person (equivalent of filling 22 bathtubs) and 3.17 kg carbon dioxide (same as driving a car for 11 km) .
  • Clothing consumption has quadrupled in 20 years (80 billion items / year)
  • On average, women buy 64 new pieces of clothing per year because it’s cheap and accessible.
  • 1/3 of clothing products are never sold (600,000 items in France)
  • 1/3 sold clothes are sold only after being on sale
  • The impact of transport: jeans can do a tour of more than 1.5 times around the world before purchase
  • On average, we use only  1/3 of our wardrobe, and we throw away 12 kg of clothes per year/ person.


By renting instead of buying, you do not only save space in your closet and money, but you also reduce your environmental cost of fashion consumption. We believe that behind every big change are all of the little things and everyday choices we make.

When you are renting you save on natural resources, you’re fighting against overproduction and overconsumption and add value to the clothes in a new and fun way!


Our partners are brands and designers that we proudly share the same sustainable values with and we are together creating a more sustainable fashion future with.


In Paris we work with Urban Cycle, a bike delivery firm with sustainability being in their DNA. We can track the CO2 that we save while delivering with bikers instead of trucks.

For deliveries outside Paris we are using Mondial Relay pick-up points, where we let the client choose a point that suits her/him the best.


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